Stay Fit in Monsoon

While the rains bring a welcome relief from the scorching summer sun, the monsoon also increases chances of falling sick. 

Water-logging in the streets help in breeding of mosquitoes and it heightens the chances of getting mosquito transmitted diseases like malaria and dengue. People also become more susceptible to viral infections. However keeping certain tips in mind, you can enjoy the rain and stay healthy as well.

Madhupriya Rai Health tips of the day -- Mansson
Those who are fond of street food should be careful during the rainy season. Water contamination is quite common and so is the chance of getting raw vegetables getting spoilt. Also, use an effective insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away and as far as possible avoid getting bitten.

Visit a doctor and as a preventive measure taking anti-malarial drugs is a good idea during this time of the year. Avoid walking through dirty water whenever possible since it leads to many fungal infections of feet and nails and also leptospirosis.

Dry your feet whenever they get wet. Try to keep your body warm and dry as much as possible and avoid entering air conditioned rooms with wet hair and clothes. Those who suffer from asthma should avoid staying anywhere with damp walls. Drinking lots of warm herbal tea is also good for health since they contain antibacterial properties. Keep these simple tips in mind and go out and enjoy the monsoon !

Madhupriya Rai Health tips of the day -- Mansson


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