Angel Tattoos

Tattooing is an art wherein several designs are created on different parts of the body such as lower back, arms, back and shoulders. It is common these days to spot several people with tattoos worldwide. You can create several designs such as Aztec tattoos, angel wing tattoos and angel tattoos.

Angel tattoos are well known tattoos especially meant for women. However, men also flaunt angel tattoos. It usually has a design which has Cherubs sitting on a cloud or as an avenging angel. Today, most people sport angel tattoos for these are beautiful. Moreover, if you have an angel tattoo on your body, you would not be ashamed of being in a swimsuit.

Angel Tattoos Design

  • Archangels
  • Cherubs
  • Fallen Angels
  • Guardian Angels

Significance of Angel Tattoos

Most of the youngsters create angel tattoos for they simply like the design of the tattoo. Others wear it for they believe in the Biblical sentiment. There are some who create this design to spread the positive energy.

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Angel Tattoos for Women

An angel tattoo on a woman implies her purity. It also signifies her patience and divine nature. It shows that she believes in herself and that her self confidence is important. She wants to protect herself as well as others. Women with angel tattoos also reveal the fact that they want just the best in life.

Angel Tattoos for Men

It is said that angel tattoo on men signify that they respect women in every way.  It also shows that they would love their beloved to the core.


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